Volcano In Iceland

Meet the team

After an 800 year slumber, the mount Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland has awoken. It has drawn the attention of the world’s media, generated untold wonder on social feeds, and become an event-of-a-lifetime for those lucky enough to view it in person. We’ve created a team of Iceland’s premier influencers and content creators to best showcase the eruption to the world.


Project Manager

@leonthealchemist (17K+ audience)
Tel: +354 7628024

A digital marketing consultant to Fortune 500 brands, movie studios, and record labels, Leon has called Iceland home for almost eight years. He brings his content marketing expertise to the Volcano In Iceland team.


@asasteinars (645K+ audience)

Ása is our local Icelander. A lover of the outdoors, she spends most of her time on the road capturing the beauty of Iceland. She’s a DJI ambassador and FPV drone pilot, photographer, and TikTok star.


@benjaminhardman (700K+ audience)

Photgrapher, cinematographer, and visual artist, Benjamin is an Australian who now calls the frozen land of Iceland home. One of the most followed people in Iceland, his list of international corporate clients is too large to name here.


@sorelleamore (1.5M+ audience)

Iceland’s most-followed person on YouTube. Sorelle has extensive experience partnering with companies to successfully promote their message, that includes Porsche, Skillshare, Squarespace, Armani, and Samsung.


@donalboyd (230K+ audience)

Donal is an Irish-American filmmaker and photographer based in Iceland with the mission to advocate for the conservation of nature. His work focuses on working with brands to establish a sense of connection to nature.


@joe_shutter (110K+ audience)

An adventurer by nature, Joe’s time is split between his home in Iceland, and photographing the epic landscapes of Greenland. His intimate knowledge of Iceland’s landscape is a valuable asset on campaign shoots and productions.

Guðmundur Ragnar Einarsson

Landowner / Co-founder


A digital leader with 20+ years of experience in digital development and design, both in Iceland and abroad. A proud landowner who wants nothing more than to showcase the eruption at mount Fagradalsfjall to the world, in a mindful and respectful way.


Project Manager / Co-founder

Tel: +354 6967098

With nearly 20 years of experience in Icelandic media, Lilja has written countless pieces both in Icelandic and English. She has dabbled in PR for high profile companies in Iceland, is a published author and a versatile content creator.